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King Kevin Dorival holding his book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire at South Florida book festival 2017

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Delivering a powerful message to your intended audience is important for the success of any event. Having the right speaker to present that message is a priority, and makes a world a difference! King Kevin Dorival, founder of The Courage To Believe International, is an accomplished author, mentor, entrepreneur, and inspirational public speaker that has the power to make your next event into an extraordinary experience. He’s given speeches at schools, colleges, both women’s and men’s conferences in London, Haiti, and throughout the United States.

“I’ve been through the streets, the criminal justice system, and reached the highest positions in corporate America. I enjoy empowering the hopeless because I can relate,” says Mr. Dorival.

Brother King Kevin is the most enthusiastic, personable speaker connecting with teens, young adults, and entrepreneurs on the planet today!

Schedule Brother King Kevin to your church, school, athletic team, bookstore/book clubs, and/or conference.


Lecture Topics, Motivational & Empowerment Workshop Options

King Kevin can tailor his presentation to meet the specific needs of your organization or event. Schedule A Speaking Engagement, Today! Our response time is 24 hours or less.

** All workshops are customized to fit your program. Here are a few Empowerment Programs and Workshop Proposals. 

Mastering Your Life
- Finding & Pursuing Your Purpose
- Healing Your Mind, Body, & Spirit
- Focusing Energy
- Time Management
- A lot more in store
C2B Chess Club
- Life Skills
- Critical Thinking Skills
- Confidence Training
- Avoiding Traps of Prison & Poverty
Creating Your Future: Writing Workshop
- The power of Visualization
- Self Affirmations
- Creating A Positive Mindset
- Writing Clear Goals
Book Creation & Publishing Workshop
- Teaches the audience the benefits of reading and writing
- Exciting brief history of several authors
- Encourages the audience to identify with the authors
- Perfect for: Middle School to College Age Students. And can be customized for grade school students
Find The Queen & King In You
- What’s Your Queen/King Type?
- Are Your Royalty Because You Think so?
- What’s Really In Your Heart!?
- Identifying Your Strength & Weaknesses
Annual Black On Black Crime Solutions Panel
- Proven Solutions To Crime
- Community Discussion
- Questions & Answers
- Program Suggestions
How To Remain Focused While In The Fires Of Life
- Setting Realistic Goals
- Recognizing Your Resources
- Finding The Right Role Models
Positive Police Encounters & Know Your Rights
- What Are Your Rights?
- Take It To Trial or Plea Bargain
- The History of Police Brutality
Powerful Lectures on World History
- Toussaint Louverture & The Importance of The Haitian Revolution
- Ancient African History
- Black History: Black Authors That Paved The Way
- Seige of Savanah: 545 Haitian Soldiers in the American Revolution
- Kings & Queens of History
Workshop Benefits
- Conflict resolutions skills
- Increases Confidence
- Develops Critical Thinking Skills
- Time Management Skills
- Reorganize Values
Empowerment Workshops
- How To Stay Focus While In The Fires Of Life
- Finding The King & Queen In You
- Avoiding Police Brutality
- Creating Your Future
- Black On Black Crime Solutions

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