Fighting against the U.S. Army was one of the toughest challenges faced,  and I won. Triumph.

Determined to graduate from college despite pressure from the street life, police harassment, and nearly homeless. Victory.

Rejected by Corporate America,  so I created my own trailblazing path through entrepreneurship. Perseverance.

“If you want to be lifted up, lift someone else up!” – Booker T. Washington.

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Black Legacy Tour: “Stop The War Against Haiti”


New Upcoming Book,

America’s & France’s 1,000 Year World War Against Haiti (Ayiti): The Assassination of a Nation

by King Kevin Dorival.

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America's & France's 1,000 Year World War Against Haiti (Ayiti): The Assassination of a Nation by King Kevin Dorival

I stand with lifting Haiti up, and will never give up fighting for our brothers and sisters. America, France, and African countries owe Haiti a lot more support, compassion, and a fair opportunity to have due process under the Geneva Convention International Law. Join us in support of ATL 4 Haiti and the Courage To Believe International as we form alliances with communities. We’re advocates for intentional education, exercise, and supporting families with impactful resources. We’re against the inhumane treatment and unjust policies that exist in our immigration laws. We’ve shipped hundreds of boxed goodies to our teams from Atlanta, South Florida, to Haiti (several cities) over the years, and will continue beyond 2021’s Haitian Border Crisis with your help. We also help the local economies through buying directly from the retailers, who supports their staff that supports their families. One hand washes the other. Haiti Will RISE AGAIN—God Willing!

Volunteer Signup, Donations, and Peaceful Protest Information can be found at the following websites:

Elevate and Build.

The Winner In The Mirror – Activating Your Superpowers: Mind, Body, and Spirit”

The Winner In The Mirror - Activating Your Superpowers: Mind, Body, and Spirit book cover by King Kevin Dorival

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If you want to be lifted up, lift someone else up
Brother King Kevin Dorival is Haitian-African, entrepreneur, philanthropist, two-time author, inspirational speaker, and is considered an up and coming change-agent.  He founded the Courage To Believe International, Inc. in 2013 teaching the youth how to create strategies in life with the game of chess with an awesome team of mentors; they also host the annual Black On Black Crime Solution Panel around the country. His inspirational autobiography and stage play, The Courage To Believe: Never Give Up, where he shares his miraculous testimonies of how God gave him the power to overcome adversities life. Brother King’s second book is entitled, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.